Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kid's Workshop!

Last Friday we had another children's workshop with some of our members and friends. It was a wonderful event, so again, I would like to send out a big thank you to everyone that supported the day!

The workshop was organised around Garden to Kitchen activities demonstrating the life cycle of our food.
We embarked on our garden adventures looking at climatic zones and the micro climates we have in our garden. Next we focused on our fruit trees and gave them a little attention! After, we got our hands dirty with some soil testing identifying soil types (sandy, clay or loam) and testing the pH. Think we have some up and coming environmental scientists in the group!

Once we finished getting all muddy (thanks to all the parents who washed their clothes!), we prepared a light lunch with some things out of our garden and examples of what we are growing. On the menu were Fruit Skewers with mint yoghurt, Rice paper rolls, Almonds and freshly squeezed Orange juice. It also seems that we have some up and coming chefs!

Once we had food in our tummies we were ready to tackle some more practical jobs in the garden. This included planting sunflowers and cucumbers in the concrete pipes. We all began to understand the importance of the fallows and the role they play in balancing the ecology in our garden. This is because they promote diversity which is nature's way of keeping pests and diseases in check!
Our last activity for the day was to take home an edible garden ourselves, so we prepared sprouts! Love the imagination of our team... they found an interesting place to store their sprouts. Not sure that your heads are the right micro climate team!
Yes, it was another splendid day with a very clever and insightful group. Such a pleasure to share a day in our gorgeous community garden with you all... I'm feeling very inspired!
Just on a final note, I would like to send my gratitude to Nicole for volunteering again. Her support was instrumental to the success of the day!

Thanks all!


Working Bee with guest speaker Doug from Urban Bee Hive

With soil delivered and lots of seedlings thanks to John there was a bit to be done on this lovely Spring day  for a working bee. But many hands make light work and it was quickly underway. Doug from theurbanbeehive.com.au arrived and was well impressed by the garden itself and all the happy working bees for the community. Next, the morning tea cart just after 10:30am curtesy of Twig so a good time to hear from our guest speaker.

Doug mentioned he could talk until the bees got home but the brief summary of some of the issues surrounding problems and benefits of bee around the world and answering all of our questions was fantastic for us who all listened closely. The end result being that it is possible for us to have a bee hive as part of our community garden, so with a few plans to make hopefully we will have some bees of our own one day! We'll keep you updated...

  • Lots of composting
  • Harvesting of parsnips, kale, mixed lettuce and herbs
  • Installing new signs
  • I planted a mini pumpkin variety
  • Lots of other things panted in all beds

Monday, October 3, 2011

Bed Books

Hello JSRCG crew,

I hope that all the bed books are coming along nicely and that everyone is feeling comfortable using them.

Just a reminder that the garden bed profile questionnaire will need to be handed to me at our working bee this Saturday (8th of October).

Thanks team!