Thursday, April 26, 2012

April Working Bee

Planting winter crops and improving the soil with compost and manure were the key activities at April's Saturday working bee on 14/04/2012

We experimented with planting 2 kinds of grains for the first time. Barley, see above,  has been planted in the sunny bed at the north near the gate and it has sprouted and grown over an inch in just a week! Wheat was planted in the big bed. Unfortunately the wheat seeds were trampled and nibbled by pigeons, so the growth isn't so vigorous . But it is coming through now.
Welcome new members Marco, Casey, and Daniel.
Welcome back Veronica, Silvana, Nicola and Andrea.
Jon, see above, will be working with the new members on the big bed. On Saturday he described the main crops currently planted , explained the way the fallows work and coordinated the wheat planting.

It was great to have so many new members assisting.
Also thanks to Marco for the yoghurt cake and thanks to Twig for the great snacks.

Welcome Raewyn the new Community Garden Coordinator from The City of Sydney- Its great to have you on board!

The root vegetable bed team have added lots of manure and compost (about 100mm deep) to their entire bed to increase the organic matter as their soil has been dry despite heavy rain

Compost was heaped around the rhubarb to give it a kick start.

 Pumpkin- the last of the summer crop was divided and shared
Lisa and Kati from the twig bed pass around the pumpkin

The kids added some great new signs to the beds. Thanks Guys- The signs look fab!

February Working Bee

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Barley goes ballistic!

The barley we planted at last working bee is growing so quickly. This photo was taken after only one week.  It looks pretty healthy too. 

Hopefully the wheat in the big bed also flourishes and we might be able to bake ourselves a loaf of bread!

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ready to harvest- Curry Leaf Plant

The curry leaf plant has been planted for several months and is looking really healthy- its a great addition to curries especially south indian ones!- very authentic. Much nicer than using dried leaves. Usually 2 small branchlets will do a single curry. The curry leaf plant grows under the large bottle brush tree at the back of the garden.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

March working bee

In addition to Autumn planning and planting, our Education Co-ordinator, Leesa gave us an excellent education session on natural pest management. Next month's education session will be "crop rotation and thinking about winter".
We welcomed new members Barbara, Veronica, Andrea, Silvana and Nicola to our garden. We look forward to seeing them again at our April working bee. As a few prospective members were unable to make the working bee, we will be offering another new member intake and induction during the April working bee.
We were joined by Davy Knittle, a 2011/12 Thomas J. Watson Fellow (USA) at work on a project entitled "Cities in Transition: Identity, Narrative and the Changing Urban Landscape". He is particularly interested in exploring how food production and distribution are changing, how residents and communities are navigating new transportation alternatives, and, more broadly, how urban residents engage with and understand themselves as members of their neighborhood communities in response to the various efforts underway as part of Sustainable Sydney 2030. Over the next few months he will talk with as many members of the garden as possible to talk both about their experiences with the garden and their perspectives on the relationship between community gardening and greater efforts towards both community building and the future of urban sustainability.
See you in April!