Monday, December 30, 2013

What's been happening in the garden?

I was out of Sydney for most of December. On Saturday I dropped into JSRCG for some watering and pottering and blown away by the floral action that's taken place whilst I've been away.

This little baby's just grown up in fallow behind the herb bed's compost bin! At the moment it looks like an apple cucumber - but it's a Pepino.

Beautiful purple bug attractors near the James St gate!

Pyrethrum - one of the prettiest companion plants.

Some yummy cherry tomotoes (how do you spell 'tomato') in the root bed! There's an abundance of bush tomoto's as well - they're my new favourite.

Something citrusy to go with our gin-sies, hiding behind the root bed!

Pretty gorgeous, little red eggplants ... aren't they lovely? In the training bed.

Some more dreamy tomoatoes in the training bed!

Woo-hoo! Looks like sweet potato for all in the North Bed!

You'll need to magnify this little gem - but it's an abundance of fragrant and pretty mint pouring out onto the laneway. And wowser, the kiwi fruit's taking off again.

And a big Happy New Year to all the James Street Reserve Community Gardeners!

UPDATE (1/1/14): Caught up with Jon this morning, I made a few boo-boo's (particularly red-faced about mixing up pyrethrum with camomile). 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Organic Veggie Garden Course

Learn how to organically grow your own fruit and veg!

This inspiring course is suitable for complete beginners and the skills can be used in any home garden.

In this introductory course you will gain these essential skills;
* Organic integrated pest care
* Composting and worm farming
* Plant propogation
* How to water plants effectively
* Companion planting
* Creating wild fallow spaces
* Benefits of mulching
* Preparing the bed for planting
* Building basic support structures

Please email us with your name and contact number to to register your interest and we will send out details to you.

Learn why Molasses is                                                complimentary planting                                                         natural pest management
useful in the garden                                                     making use of small spaces

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Happy Snaps from September's Working Bee

Chris and Amanda surveying their efforts in the shady bed
watched over by Yvonne and Bub

Cassy supping on Cassy's excellent lemon cordial

Tom and Callista doing great work in the root bed
and oooh, much excitement in the background

Theresa, Tracey and Sophie having fun in the fallows
and the herb bed

Yu-um! Hard work deserves suitable nutrition
Thanks, as always, to wonderful Twig

Wumping Chris!

Wumping Kati!

A quiet moment - Yvonne and Bub

Sunday, August 18, 2013

August Working Bee

We had a beautiful crisp winter's morning for our August working bee.
The big bed team were all out in force, Richard helped to weed and new members helped to start a new potato bed
Nicola asked Jon to explain crop rotation.
The Big Bed Organised this working bee and a big lot of work was achieved, including a new path in the north of the garden.
and a new drain for the tap that will allow more planting and eliminate muddy shoes.

Most of the beds were working out what to plant for the forthcoming Spring
and everyone took the chance to catch up on the last month
Veronica got handy with the clippers and Ren helped his mum.

Jon showed his expert digging technique

Mel explained the benefits of the gardening belt

and Amanda and Chris pitched in despite injuries.
Thanks Yvonne for organising the bee and making sure everything was tidy at the end!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

June working bee

What a glorious day to mark the first day of winter and the last working bee for our dear member, Janet, before her big move away from Redfern and her “extended family”.  
Fittingly, Janet brought her delicious and legendary scones to add to a scruptous high tea of mini cupcakes, an assortment of finger sandwiches, brownies, fruit and bread spread with rhubarb jam (made by Jon using  rhubarb  from our fallows).
While everyone sipped their cups of tea, “other” Janet gave a farewell speech to recognise the wonderful contribution that Janet has made to the garden and to the community in general.    
Our parting gift to Janet was a gorgeous pot plant symbolising a bit of our garden that she can take with her!
A motion was raised, seconded and unanimously passed,  declaring Janet our inaugual Life Member. 
Janet will be greatly missed so we hope she will visit us from time to time.
Of course, it was not all eating, drinking and reminising. Members worked hard to lay pavers on the northern side of the garden, move shrubs and small trees and carry out general garden maintenance and the ever popular job of compost curating.  Kati also introduced the new garden calendar.  

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Rained Out

The rain meant we were off the hook for watering duties on Saturday, the rain has made many new things sprout up - with salad greens, peas and other surprises - here are some photos - help name the produce?
1: Climbing peas, dill....

2: Purple peas

3: Sunflowers, chives

4: lettuce variety

5: Rhubarb


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

May 2013 Working Bee

The wonderful Autumnal weather in Sydney provided the perfect backdrop for our May working bee.  As always there was plenty to do on the individual beds, but we had some big ticket items to focus on for the entire garden.

First up was a big effort to get some more light into the space.  Our ‘herb’ bed has been suffering from lack of direct sun so the decision was made to lightly prune a couple of branches from one of the trees.  Our intrepid member Sacha did the honours and demonstrated some enviable tree-climbing skills (legacy of a misspent youth perhaps?).  All hands were on deck to trim the felled branches ready for use as seedling spikes to keep birds and cats away from the young seedlings in the garden beds.

 Tree trimming over, it was time to coax Sacha down from the tree and give the floor to John who presented an interesting session on how to manage new growth from a banana tree.  If you want to get fruit, it’s important to remove new saplings (called ‘pups’) as they divert the plants energy away from growing fruit.  It was quite a physical job to get those pups out!

The harvest was a little limited this time around though the North bed produced some tasty capsicums, most of which were gobbled up on the spot!


As always, the working bee was closed out with a wonderful spread from our generous neighbour – .  If you haven’t eaten at Twig cafĂ© yet then you are seriously missing out.  Yum Yum!